Eliza,I don’t …


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I don’t know where the days are going…how are you seventeen months already?

I’m guessing you’re a typical toddler…stubborn, insistent and full of opinions, but also sweet, caring and cuddly.

I love your curiosity..I do. Seeing you explore and accomplish new things…all kinds of awesome. But, climbing out the dog door? Not high on my list, especially since I wasn’t in the room when you did it. You are fast, my friend. And all I thought you were doing was opening/closing it…until it was quiet. Uh oh indeed. Luckily, everyone was fine…I needed a few minutes though.

And screaming when I put you to bed? No fun. You stop as soon as I’m out of the room, but its like the very act of putting you in bed is so so so wrong … I hope this leaves as fast as it came. Usually you have no complaints about bed/nap time.

What else are you doing these days to keep me on my toes?

~more signs/consistent signs: bug, stop, horse, rain,

~fascinated with body parts: eyes, mouth, nose especially.

~following more directions (when you’re motivated): go get your shoes, time to brush your teeth, etc.

~more verbal imitation: gotcha (otcha/dotcha), brush (ush),

~walking backwards a few steps at a time.

~love being outside. you love it when we chase and catch you 😉

~in the last month I think you finally weighed in at 20+ pounds 🙂

~started to help clean up your toys and will put that some things that you pull out, but usually there’s a trail behind you.


I’m sure there’s more. You’re changing all the time. I had to jot something down so I can write it down for real one of these days.

Love your hugs, love your laugh, love you inside and out.



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This summer has been so busy … we’ve had family/friends visiting left and right, Scott’s been in and out and Eliza has been keeping us busy.

I can’t believe she’s almost 16 months!  She’s such a toddler right now. Just to jot some things down for me to remember….

~She took her first steps @ 13 months and became a full time walker about the beginning of July @ 15 months.

~Just yesterday she started imitating Scott as he pretends to sneeze, but she’s only gotten so far as ah, ah, ah and leaves out choo!

~Her signs have continued to increase. Her vocabulary includes: car, more, eat, all done (just this past weekend), up, down, dog, thank you (mostly imitates or signs when we say the word), hat,baby, book,milk, shoes…and some more I’m forgetting. She’s also just starting to learn train, butterfly and bird. Her signs aren’t perfect — she taps her chest for dog instead of her leg, but they work for her and us.

~Her words are coming along, just more slowly. Over the weekend I think I heard ‘yes’ and ‘this’ (dis) repeatedly to add to mama/mom, dad and all done for sure … possibly duck and dog — but I haven’t heard those in awhile.

~She’s building more with her blocks and stacks them easily. Loves coloring (and pretending to eat) crayons, becoming more interested in stuffed animals and loves it when we pretend to drink out of plastic cups/eat pretend food.

~We’ve started with some temper tantrums the past week — though right now they’re shorter-lived and we can usually distract/re-direct her. She’s big into holding objects in each hand and most tantrums are related to taking away items she finds or that belong in her crib.

~Just before turning 15 months she started to become more attached to some animals in her crib — specifically a bear with a pull string that plays music. She’ll hand it to me to start and then she’ll lay her head down on it and go to sleep.

~Climbing continues to be a favorite activity — in and out of chairs, a stepstool (ack, made me nervous even though I was right there!) and over pillows on the couch/floor/bed.

~She finally has her bottom molars after a few weeks of them pushing through. She didn’t complain to much, but you could tell they were somewhat uncomfortable.

~Eliza has upped her eating intake and has been eating things she previously refused: grapes, peas, potatoes (other than sweet potatoes), some chicken on occasion, beans, cantelope. Right now she’s loving watermelon like its going out of style.

I’m sure there are more noteable things I’m missing. Each day seems to pass in a blink of an eye and small changes can be hard to see …. but when I sit down for a moment and recall she continues to grow and change in leaps and bounds. how amazing. I love this age so far as she discovers so much!

These Days


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Scott’s been gone for awhile now — some training mission … who knows doing what exactly, but the idea is to prepare for upcoming deployment.

So E and I are hanging out here and lately with tropical storm Beyrl. Not so much fun when we can’t go outside. But, we haven’t lost power (except for a half hour or so friday night) and it hasn’t been quite as bad here as they thought.

E’s doing a few new things — more talking and loving her push toy these days. I think she’ll be fine when he comes home — he shouldn’t be gone all that long considering. But, its the significant chunk of time he’ll be gone later this year that worries me. He’ll miss Christmas, her birthday … about a year of her life. I hope she adjusts ok when he does come back. We’ll skype when we can I’m sure, email … all that good stuff. But gone is gone, you know? Its just part of our life these days … I don’t even know exactly when he’ll be home from this trip. I still can’t help but worry…

On the flip side this TDY (temporary duty station) has given me much confidence. The house isn’t perfectly clean, but I’m getting things done and E and I are doing well. We can rock this upcoming deployment. I’ve got a few things on a list that we don’t usually do — and we’re accomplishing some. We’ve had a few rough days, but mostly I’m crossing off successful days off our list and that makes me happy. Awesomeness.

Plus? Its amazing how much less laundry there is.

Seriously though..its all in the attitude and I’m trying to look at this time as time for me to take care of us, have some fun plus get some things done. Though I’m so thankful for naptimes 😉




I’ve skipped a few months around here, but Eliza you are thirteen months old. I need to keep jotting down some notes so I remember what you’re up these days!

Well, you’re still getting over your first cold/ear infection. Fun stuff (not so much).

The beginning of this month (may 5th) you took your first steps!  We’d been trying to get you to do it for awhile, but you just decided to try it out in your own time. You’ve done it a few times since, but mostly when we try and get you to walk you laugh at us. Its a start though!

You are learning more signs and have a few words I think. You know the signs for more, eat, baby (a new one), milk. Words could include: all done, out (for outside), dad/a and mama. I don’t hear them all on a consistent basis, which makes me wonder, but you are a chatter box sometimes. I love to listen to you as you play with your toys.

Eliza, you play all the time … with toys and non-toys. I love to see you hold items up to your ear like you’re talking on the telephone. Or, pulling things out of kitchen cabinets. Or banging two balls together and dropping them. You also love your new water table and slide…you are turning into quite the climber!

We put you in the pool for the first time this year this month. You’re pretty content to hang out in your floaty and play with some toys. Considering how much you love to be outside (you try to open the back door) we’ll be swimming a lot this summer!

If anyone says the word outside you get sooo excited. I think you’d spend all day out there if you could.

You don’t watch a lot of tv, no real need for it, but baby signing time does help me get dinner ready on your clingier days. It doesn’t hold your attention for long, but enough for me to get a few things done. You’re good about playing independently when someone’s in the same room as you, but if we’re not you’re often coming to see what we’re doing.

Lots of love little one — can’t wait to see you grow and grow!


Before I had E I thought I’d be a mother that wouldn’t have any problems leaving her child. If I went back to work? fine. Shopping? awesome. Babysitter? sure.

That turned out to…not be the case. Oh, I have no issues leaving her with family. And I love to get out and do things without her. Which rarely happens these days. Being in the military we aren’t that close to home. My excitement usually consists of going to the grocery store by myself.

I’ve been wanting to join the local Y for awhile now. They have free childcare about which I’d heard good things. But, for awhile I just didn’t do it. I just dragged my feet. Hello first time mom anxiety.

Finally, this weekend we signed up. This was the second tour of the facility I’d had (hey, hey, sometimes it takes me awhile..). This morning I took her in, handed her over and walked out to the gym. I worked out for about thirty minutes and then went back in to get her.

She was fine. Didn’t fuss at all and was playing with a toy .. she did whine a bit when she saw me, but that was all.

One successful day. I am such a wimp for not taking her earlier. I think its good for her and me. We’ll see how she does the next few times, but she totally proved me wrong today.


A little of this; A little of that….


Eliza is so close to walking, but hasn’t yet. I’m excited for her and yet not ready to run after her … I’ve still got some speed on her fast crawl 😉


I think we may have her first word, well really, her first sign. Apparently signing more means I want something to eat.  ooookay, we’ll run with it. Especially since she needs to beef up a bit per the ped.


I’ve slowly realized that she’s imitating a lot more than I thought, mostly consisting of vowels. I love hearing her jabbering away while she plays.


I know Scott works hard. He’s a great help and will jump up when I ask … but I wish he’d be a bit more spontaneous and just do something instead of waiting till I ask. But, then I’m not ready for him to deploy either later this year. Not that one’s ever ready…


Taking E to the doctor kinda stresses me out. It always a weight issue…has she gained enough? is she still falliing on the growth charts? We have to go back sometime in May just to check in and see how she’s doing. She’s doing perfectly, thank you for asking.




Within this year, we’ll be going thru another deployment.

This will be our third; circumstances are different — namely we have a small person among our midst and there’s a house to maintain.

It won’t be the longest one (that was 15 months during the troop surge), but honestly? It doesn’t matter how long it is. They’re gone. Whether its two weeks, two months or a year. Gone is gone.

I’m worried about it — there’s a yard to mow, a pool to take care of, a little one to parent, a dog to feed, laundry…well, you know, everything to do.

Gah — if I’d known he was very seriously considering getting out of the Army I would have done quite a few things differently. But, what’s done is done.

Its very likely this will be his last. I have such mixed feelings about it actually … but in the end it’ll be his decision. The thing is? Saying good-bye is heartwrenching. Truly makes my heart hurt in ways I can’t explain. Being left behind and watching them walk away is tough. But … but but but. I’m not the one that walks away. I’m not the one that won’t see Eliza turn two or celebrate Christmas with her. I’m not the one that’ll miss the daily things that happen, the new skills she learns. Oh, sure we’ll send videos, skype — all that good stuff. But gone is gone.

I read this about staying home from war and I could totally relate.

The thing is — I am so grateful for our life. so so grateful. we have good things; a house, a baby, a dog, family … the things that are a challenge are also such a blessing. Though what they are seems to change by the day 😉

And — I have no clever way to end this except maybe the end? ha! Maybe I’ll have to re-read this when I’m complaining about his dirty laundry on the floor or some other such annoyance….

Today is one of those days.

One of those days where you feel like you don’t get anything done.

More laundry than time to get it done.

More clinging/whining from your toddler.

More stuff to pick up. More things that need to be cleaned.

Just one of those days when the half empty creeps in … the I wish I was better at cleaning/time management/baby entertaining/getting my sh*t done days.




Spring in Georgia is awesome.

Well, sort of. There are lots of great things about it — planting a garden/flowers, warming up for pool time, etc.

There’s just one thing that I can’t stand about living around here: bugs.

Honestly, its been warm enough this year so that we’ve got something year round. Things do die down during winter though … but now? the fun is just beginning.

The sand gnats come out first and are pesky little things, then the mosquitoes, next the deerflies — which are no fun unless one likes being swarmed while outside. The deerflies really only last a month or so, thank goodness.

But, whatever. Those I can deal with. The ones I can’t? roaches I hate to even say that word. They are enormous, they are fast and they are unpleasent.

We have a bug guy/guys. They come out and spray every few months, but inevitably some do end up in the house. I don’t like squishing them, but really I don’t even like to pick them up when they’re dead. Ugh. Usually Scott gets them, although I have taken care of some.

Now that E is on the move? I love them even less. What if she picks one up? Ew ew ew. She may need more calories, but that is for me.

I’ve gotten better at not screaming when I see one — I don’t want to teach her to freak out, but this summer is going to be more practice for me … next spring/summer Scott won’t be here. He’ll be deployed — not much he can do from across the ocean. So, I’m gonna have to suck it up.

Just another skill to add to the repetoire. right? yeah, I got this.


It’s official


Long time, no see?  I honestly don’t know where the time went. I’ve really got to try and be better about this blogging thing…

Last week, this happened:


I have no good words at the moment. All the usual phrases: I can’t believe it and where has the time gone? are true. This year has really flown …

We are blessed.

Love you sweet girl.