For several years Scott and I have had our own traditions on the 4th.  We would travel home to St. Louis — see our community parade and watch fireworks with friends in the evening.

But…this year we have E and we didn’t go back to St.L.  It didn’t even feel like the 4th. Instead we spent the day doing yard work — mulching, cutting the grass.  You know…the must-take-care-of-the-lawn in a home ownership way.  Seems like there’s always SOMETHING else to do around here.

Our lives have completely changed and we have to re-organize and fit new things in. Holidays will never be the same.  Sometimes I find it a bit difficult, but this past Monday as we sat on our back deck watching neighbors set off their fireworks with E in bed and drinking my first ever alcoholic drink since getting pregnant it was nice.  We had a conversation that wasn’t about the baby and just relaxed with each other.  Which we don’t get to do much around here these days.

Simple. Maybe we need more basic moments just to be.