We’ve had visitors back to back and the time has just been eaten away.  Scott’s dad and step-mom came one week and then his mom and grandpa another.  I love having visitors, but your time isn’t always your own … not that it is these days with Miss E around!

Just last Wed/Thurs. I called Eliza’s name as I always do.  Usually in the late afternoon we plop her on her blanket with some toys while we wind down to bedtime.  Scott usually watches here while I make dinner — its a busy time of day and I often feel frazzled.  But, last week I was just hanging out with her and the camera.  Which should be her best friend with how many pictures I take of her. Anyways…she had one of her toys in her hands studying it as she does and I called her name.  Annnd then she did it: she looked at me!  Twice in a row!

We’ve used her name when talking to her since birth.  I had no idea I’d be SO excited when she responded by turning her attention towards me.  Maybe its me.  Maybe its being a first time mom. Whatever it is — this is the excitment in my life and I’m loving it!