Yesterday, ‘lil miss turned four months old.  wow!

And…yesterday I was all set to have a great day, be productive and get the house cleaned up for our friends that should be arriving later today.

Well Becky, you should know that three good days means you’re in for a few rough moments.

We started out ok…our 4 mile run was tough and hot, but we finished.  Later than I’d wanted, but we finished.  Then ‘lil miss decided napping was not in her plans, but fussing sounded good.  She finally fell asleep and I ran to the shower, but she was up again by the time I was dressed.  Rolling with it I fed her and then she proceeded to poop…normal occurrence till I realized it was all over me.  She? not so much. Me? Needed a full clothes change.

Little things kept happening…couldn’t get the garage door open so we couldn’t go to the store (still unsure what went wrong there), she didn’t want to be put down so I didn’t get lunch…and so on…and so on..

Reprieve arrived at two when she finally passed out in her crib for her afternoon nap and I got to eat for the first time that day.

And then I thought: this is my life. Sometimes I feel like I’m living nap to nap or baby moment to baby moment.  It may not be glamorous in any way, but here we are.  Now that she is four months and we’ve made it through these things before I know we can do it.

And I know we can do it just her and I.  Scott was supposed to be gone all week training. Up until now he’s worked late or worked nights when flying.  He’s not been gone several days in a row.  This was the first real test for her and I: flyin’ solo.  It won’t be the last; he’s leaving again in a few weeks for anywhere from two weeks to four (that’s the Army for you: you’ll find out right before you leave…).  And, we’re going to have another deployment come up in the near future I’m sure, though rumors abound as to when.

Last night just after I put her to bed and I thought go us we’re in the homestretch now the doorbell rang.  Which rarely happens.  I opened the door and there he was.

Home a day early.  I stood there dumbfounded for a minute and then let him in.

This is my life. Baby moment to baby moment and surprise to surprise.