The other day as we were waiting in the vet’s office for our Meli to get checked out/shots updated Scott decided to drop a big idea … “…And I’ve been telling people at work that this next deployment will be my last..”

Wait, what?!?!  In Scott speak that was … in a few years when I’m able I’m seriously thinking about getting out of the Army.

I.HAD.NO.IDEA. he was thinking along those lines.

Talk about a mental shift.  I was thinking he’d decided to stay in for 20 and then get out.

Wowzers.  Now, it wouldn’t happen for another 3 years and a lot can happen in that time, but this upcoming deployment will be his third — he’s already spent two years outside the U.S.

He said he was tired of it and ready to be done.  I can’t argue with that — having to leave can’t be any easier than being left.  Especially now that we’ve got Eliza.

Woulda been nice to know what has been going on in his head a little earlier, it’ll definitely be a change.  No more uniforms, no more leaving @ 5:30 for PT, and maybe one more big move ’cause I doubt we’d end up staying here.

A lot to think about … time will tell … but its got me thinking

I don’t know that I’d want to leave this face either if I didn’t have to.