This morning I thought I’d go out and get a few things for the potential of Hurricane Irene to come this way … turns out that its unlikely, but I can now say we’re prepared for hurricane season in general.

Anywhoo, got the baby in the baby k’tan, my purse and strode on in Walmart to grab some batteries, a flashlight, etc. etc.  I admit Walmart isn’t my favorite place — I never seem to find what I need there and end up doing a few good laps before I call it good.

So, we found the camping section after a few minutes and got another flashlight and batteries and then wandered over to the food section and went for some water, food, etc…a few people commented on how cute E was and helped me grab some water off the shelf. E started to get fussy so I grabbed a bottle and was holding the bottle with one hand and the cart with the other.

It musta been an interesting sight…me steering/putting items in the cart with one hand, holding the bottle with the other.  Looking back on what I wrote it doesn’t seem very look at what I can do!, but it kinda felt like it…I haven’t had to make any big shopping trips with just her by myself. Oh running errands, sure. I’m sure other moms can do this and more with two hands, but some days I still feel like a super-mom-in-training.

Now we are the proud owners of water, flashlights, batteries, a weather radio and various other items that might be useful in a hurricane.  Honestly we usually don’t prepare for these things; I wasn’t prepared for the mandatory evacuation in Hawaii with the tsunami threat in 2010. I think my nerves got the better of me since Scott’s gone for awhile.

Soooo…if anyone needs some batteries, let me know! 😉