There’s one member of the family that doesn’t get as much attention as the others (well, unless my mom is around).

There’s one member of the family that I wish wasn’t sometimes … we’ve been having more accidents in the house off and on these days and it drives me nuts.

There’s one member of the family that doesn’t always deal well with change, but has adapted to E and the new house relatively well.

There’s one member of the family I need to play with more often.

That’s our Meli — the two year old italian greyhound that spends most of her days sleeping or chansing squirrels.

She used to get so much attention even when we both worked.  Not as much now.  Today was the first day in months she decided to get in bed with us early in the morning after going outside (sleeps in her crate).

But, now she’s going to have a new playmate…

I’m not sure how Mel will feel once E starts a movin’ and groovin’ round here, but for now she doesn’t mind the occasional pat and doesn’t really notice that E’s attention follows her whenever she’s near.

That feeling may change, we’ll have to see.  Meli’s good at removing herself from the situation if she isn’t a fan as we saw when our friends and their almost two year old and four year old girls came for a visit.

Here’s hoping they’ll be pals.  But, Meli — my mom will take you at any time if you need a break 😉 She loves you just as much as we do.

And I’m sorry if this one pulls your tail at some point. We’ll work on it.