You turned five months on the 28th of August — a few days before your daddy came home from Texas.  Things have been so busy around here I’m just getting some time to jot things down now!

You continue to develop interest in the world around you and its been so fun to watch!  These days you’re reaching more and more for your toys, switching them from hand to hand and give us a huge smile when you hit one of your toys and it makes a noise.

Usually you wake up a happy girl and go to bed the same way.  Bedtime is between 6:30 and 7:30 and is much easier than nap time. As I write this you’re playing in your bed and I’m hoping you’ll fall asleep!

You’re not sitting up by yourself yet, but you continue to get better and better with a little support.  When I do the dishes or we’re eating you’ll be in your high chair playing with toys.  We haven’t started solids yet, but will sometime after you turn 6 months.  I think you’ll be ready, but we’ll see!

I’ve seen you get your rear up in the air and you can turn yourself  around to reach toys on your stomach.  Who knows when you’ll be mobile, but I’m in no hurry 😉 You still haven’t rolled from back to front and though you know how to go front to back you don’t do it a lot.

I think your dad is having more fun with you now too.  He loves your smiles and squeals when you two play airplane. He loves to make you laugh and early morning cuddles in bed on the weekends.

You’re still hungry at night and get up at least once, sometimes twice.  I’m tired, but don’t mind feeding you at night — its quiet and just you and me.  The days that you have slept 10-12 hours though I have jumped for joy! Let’s see…you’re still in size two diapers, some 3-6 or 6 month onsies and 9 month pajamas.  Last time we went you weighed 14.7 pounds and were 26.5 inches long.

I can’t tell you enough how much we love you and watching you grow.  I can’t wait to see what you get up to next!