Last night was not my night…not to sleep anyways.  Baby girl went to bed (or, passed out rather because she didn’t have a good afternoon nap…) about 7 which is totally on the money.

Walked the dog: check. Watched a little tv with the hubs: check. Pumped: check. Got in bed: check. Eliza up forty-five minutes later: check…

Its not typical, but not unusual either.  Sometimes she wants her pacifier (yes, we do give her one in bed..) and sometimes she’s hungry. Girl was wide awake so I fed her some but put her back down when she was giving her tired signs.  I think she fell asleep somewhere around midnight … but then she was up again a little after one.  Repeat previous steps… she fell asleep around two.

…And then was up at 5:30. At which point I fed her and put her in bed with us.  She fussed and finally settled when I held her.  Luckily, Scott didn’t have to be at work till 9 so he got up with her a short while later and was with her until he put her down just before he left.

sigh…I wish I liked coffee. I may have to have some caffeine later.  Don’t have it a lot these days, but today is the day I think.

Normally she is up abou 5:30/6 and sometimes anywhere from 1-3.  It just depends. As soon as I think I have a handle on things she switches it up.  She clearly gives me her hungry signs when she does get up and chows down.  Our little miss is 26.5 inches long and a little under 15 pounds at 5 months and I’ve fed on demand her entire life.  I’m trusting her to tell what she needs through the day and night.

But really the kicker was when she first decided to get up last night and I sighed a little since I was in bed and comfortable.  Then Scott says “I’d get up with her, but I have to go to work tomorrow”.  Riiiiight.  So.do.I.

He knows I do a lot around here.  And honestly he helps out quite a bit too, especially if I ask him.  All things considered I think we’re settling into helping each other better than when Eliza first came along. We’ve got more of a routine and I’m getting better at asking for help when I need it.

I think we both work hard for our family, our house and our life together.  I’m not entirely sure how he sees his work versus mine, but I do think he thinks being at home is a bit easier. I don’t think its easier, but it is different.

I know we’ve gotten better about supporting each other.  I know we come from different backgrounds (my mom stayed home, his worked outside the home). I have friends that work outside the home and those that stay at home. In my book, its all work.

I was annoyed last night, but not so much when he took her this morning. We still have much to learn about this parenting gig I think and I’m glad he’s on the journey with me.

And now…after forty-five minutes Eliza is laughing away and awake.  Time to get moving….