Hi. I’m Becky….in an amazingly good mood.  Seriously.  I was dancing around the living room just a few hours ago.  I don’t usually do that, but the occasion definitely called for it.  My little one, Eliza, fell asleep for her nap on her own without any fussing. Its rare that happens. She’s not one to full-out-cry, but usually gives me a bit a lot of whining before she goes to sleep. Falliing asleep at bedtime usually isn’t an issue (not that she stays asleep), but nap times can be a struggle.

Anyways, hi there!  I’m somewhat new to blogging…sorta.  I do have a blog on blogspot, but its mostly for the family…pictures and whatnot. I wanted something for myself so I started something new.  You know, a place for me.  So, I’m still working on figuring this all out.  Its fun, but I don’t always get to it (see above: non napping Eliza).

Soooo…about me: Right now I’m a stay at home mom to our firstborn, little Eliza. She’ll be six months at the end of the month. Eliza’s good about keeping me on her toes, but she’s done that since she decided to come into this world.  My labor was relatively short; we were only at the hospital 17 minutes before she was born. Craaazy stuff I tell you. That was my husband driving eighty down the road to the hospital.  I’m not particulary anxious to do that again, but it was totally worth it.

I was, and still am, a speech-language pathologist.  I worked at an elementary school for a few years….most recently at a school with an enrollment of 1,000+ on a military post when we lived in Hawaii. Got to see little munchinks 2 years-10.

Yep, I lived in Hawaii for three years. I miss it so much. Its totally different living there versus visiting there.  I miss the weather and the beaches, but mostly our life there. Our friends. We’re slightly closer to family these days, but still a good day/two day drive. But, we had to move.  The husband is active duty Army.  Which means he wears boots and dog tags.  He flies helicopters — specifically the CH-47 (Chinook — like flying a bus I’m told).  We’ve done two deployments so far and will probably do at least one more. He’s seriously considering getting out in a few years. I try to take it all in stride, but really I am grateful for every day he’s here with us.  And…I’m really grateful he made it home for the wedding — that was touch and go at one point. Hmmm…we’ve been together since highschool, but married for a little over four years. Can’t imagine life without him.

Eliza is the light of our life.  I love watching her grow. (moving while pregnant is not my idea of a good time. I wouldn’t recommend it; especially when it involves three different states). She’s our first, but probably won’t be the last. For the most part she’s an easy baby, minus the nap situation (she’s still sleeping, wow!). Today I got to put her in jeans and I thought she was the cutest thing ever. I always say that.

Oh yeah. We have a two year old italian greyhound. She’s had to take a backseat to E, but for the most part she’s done well.  She’s a bit of a velcro dog and has a hard time when we leave the house. Meli loves having a backyard though to chase squirrels and birds.

So. that’s me in a nutshell. I’m working on growing into motherhood/parenting, learning about a new part of the U.S., making new friends (not the easiest for me), staying focused (can’t you tell I have a hard time staying on topic ;-)) and just living each day as it comes.

Aaaaannnnd she’s up … good timing E 😉