These days, Eliza, you often look like this:

That open mouth…doesn’t matter if you’re smiling or staring at something with curiousity it makes me laugh.

If you can’t tell you’re a pretty happy baby most days, though you have your ‘fussed up moments’ as well.

You’re continuing to grow and develop.  Physically you’re sitting up better and better and for a few minutes at a time by yourself.  If you play sitting up one of us had better be close b/c you’re likely to fall over as you reach for toys.  You play with all toys we give you, but do have a few favorites and you’re pretty content to play for periods of time so I can do a few things around the house. I can tell your fine motor control is better — the other day you firmly closed the lid on one a toy and you looked like you’d done it forever though it was the first time. Just recently you rolled from back to front and now you’ll roll for something if you really want it, but it better be pretty impressive.

You’re starting to wear more nine month clothes.  As we start to get some cooler weather pants are a little challenging — your waist is so small, but you need the length in 6 month pants. Still wearing size two diapers. We estimate your weight to be about 15 and a half or so and height about 27 inches, but we’ll see come thursday.

The day you turned six months I thought I heard you say ‘mama’, but was across the room and discounted it.  Ever since then though it seems like you’ve taken off with your babbling — you’ll say mama, baba, papa and will even mix them up on occasion.  I love it. They are the sweetest sounds to hear and I’m not saying that b/c I’m an SLP either. 😉 Dad’s still waiting for dada though 😉 Guess I won that bet, ha ha.

This weekend I looked at some photos/video of you from when you were about two weeks old.  Its amazing the difference.

Meli knows the difference too.  She’s good with you, but I think we’re going to need to work on being gentle. Mel’s not lovin’ it when you grab her fur, but she’ll just remove herself from the situation.

The day you turned six months we had a celebration.  We sang happy half birthday and had some cake.  We gave you some to play in.  I’ve noticed you love to explore different textures by touch, you rarely put things in your mouth.  I’m not sure if its b/c we haven’t seriously started solids yet or what, but you have no problem digging in with your hands. No, we weren’t going to let you eat it but it wasn’t a concern b/c you didn’t even try.

You know, its so sad I hardly take any pictures of you…but honestly every time I turn around it seems like you’re doing something new.  I can’t believe you’re six months. Its been six months since we rushed to the hospital — you decided to come quickly.  We were only there 17 minutes before you arrived.  Our life hasn’t been the same since.  Although I may miss the old ways on occasion, I’m so so so glad you’re here.  I hope you know how much you’re loved and wanted. How you’re one of the best things we’ve ever done. Such a blessing you are, little one.