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Over the weekend my dad came to visit for just a few days and we took a day trip to check out a few different islands.

We started out driving to St. Simons Island.  We drove around a little, but found a lot of tourists and not much beach — though we might not have been in the right spot either.  But, we did actually get a few pictures together, which hardly ever happens!

Then we saw Jekyll Island from where we were standing and headed over there for some adventure.  We found a great beach and Scott put Eliza in the sand to see what she thought.  It wasn’t her first time at the beach, but her first where she could interact with the sand…I’m glad she doesn’t put a whole lot in her mouth just yet 😉 So, she didn’t eat sand…this time.

I can’t stop taking pictures of her baby hands…well, her either.  But, her hands and feet just scream baby cuteness.

See?  That’s all I’ll put on her b/c there are to many more…

The beaches are lovely in Hawaii — about what you’d expect…white sand and pretty water and all that, but in the South they have a beauty all their own.

Well, that’s one item checked off our fall list — St. Simons.  Hopefully this weekend we’ll get to a pumpkin patch.  We’ll see though, somehow weekends don’t always end up as planned…