I’ve been trying to get into this blogging thing … I want to but every time I seem to get into a routine something comes up and things get thrown for a loop…

–Its been raining the past two days.  Because of all this rain we found some water damage by our back door.  Nice.

–Right now E’s in her crib laughing instead of napping.  She’s found out that when she laughs we laugh — its cute…but take a nap baby!

–The dog dug under the fence the other day when we were gone and was waiting for us in the front yard when we got back..yikes. I’m glad she didn’t go far…

–I can’t believe its the middle of October already!

–My running for our upcoming half marathon has been severely lacking.  I’m in so much trouble…

–E has her first tooth coming through…now she’s sticking her fingers in her mouth all the time, but doesn’t seem to complain much. Yet.

–Moved the furniture around in our bedroom…looks much more open.

–That’s all I’ve got today — what an exciting tuesday 😉