Something in Britney’s post struck a chord with me today.

Military life. I’m not as involved with it at the moment and our future may or may not involve the Army, but…its tough.

I consider Scott joining the Army a blessing. I’ve met some wonderful people and I’ve gotten a chance to live a few places I would not have otherwise.

And although working at an elementary school on post (they’re called posts by the Army for whatever reason) was tough, it was also great fun.

Before we moved to Georgia we lived in Hawaii. It was total culture shock at first, but after awhile I started working, we started exploring and it became our home.

I miss it. While its true the weather and the beaches were amazing, I honestly just miss our life there. I loved where we lived, where I worked, my friends…

It wasn’t perfect. There’s a … distinct dislike of the military presence. I won’t say everyone per se, but it was sometimes hard working with civilians on a military post. Some of their comments may have been justified, but often I felt like I needed to defend myself/military families. There were places we didn’t go … and I’ve heard of people being kicked out because they were in uniform.

It was farther from home…my parents have seen Eliza more that we’re back on the mainland than if we were in Hawaii. And we’d have to cough up an arm and a leg to fly home. We’re not super close to our families, but definitely closer. Plus, the cost of living is way higher there.

I love my life. Being a mother. Being where we are isn’t all that bad (minus the roaches I see in the house…ewww).  Quitting my job, moving across an ocean, moving in our house two weeks before E came — I think its just been a lot of change and I’m not feeling really settled. I need to get out there and work on meeting some people though that’s hard for me.

Change and flexibility are the name of the game in the military. Its not been easy, but its been worthwhile.

I consider myself lucky that Scott’s (only) been deployed for two years total. We may or may not have another one before he gets out (if he does). I consider myself lucky that’s he’s had the opportunity to do something he loves. I’ve made wonderful friends and lived places I never thought I would.

I don’t know where our future is going — I know we won’t be here in Georgia forever, which makes me happy and nervous. I know we’re going to have to move again…ugh.

I know this is hard. I know I can do better. I know I want to do better. I didn’t think moving would be this hard. But, I am so so so grateful to be going step by step with him.

One day, today. What is that saying?  The days are long, but the years are short? So true.

Now I’m working on enjoying fall. This is our today. Tomorrow? time will only tell.