Ugh, these days are flying by.  I hardly have time to just sit here and put down a few thoughts….when the baby is sleeping I should be cleaning, when S is home we’re spending time together, or the internet isn’t working or family are visiting…good thing this is just for me anyways.

S’s dad/stepmom are coming this weekend to install a new a/c unit. Along with the recent new roof for unintended but necessary expenses…oh, the fun of house ownership…

Insert random subject change here…

When I am on the computer and I am reading blogs (mostly other mom bloggers) and there are sooo many differing ideas on parenting. Schedules/on demand feeding, sleep training or not, attachment parenting or not…and so on and so forth.

Honestly?  I don’t even know what I’d label myself except doing the best I can the way I know how. But, what I have come to realize is that I need to own my parenting decisions. Good or bad, I make/have made them and they’re mine.  Based in trial and error, tons of research, or intuition (generally a combo of all three) they are what works for our family.

Not everybody agrees on everything and I’m sure people think that what we do is cuhhhrazy sometimes, but so be it.

Do we breastfeed? Yes.

Does she take bottles? Yes, sometimes even from me. We do use bottles when we’re out, that’s just our personal choice.

Does she sleep in her crib? Yes. She was in our room, but isn’t anymore…wellll, unless you count early morning wake ups when I bring her back to our bed–such wonderful snuggle time!

Does she use a pacifier? Yeah…when she sleeps and in the car as needed.

Do I do CIO? Now, its kinda a moot point since she talks/giggles till she falls asleep for naps. But, generally? No. We know when she gets her I’m tired just need to fuss on and when she’s wailing away. And for us? those are different things.

Do I let her play independently on the floor? Of course! Well, wait…that makes it sound like I don’t play with her at all. We totally do, but have no problems letting her amuse herself either.

Solids?  Once a day or so, we didn’t start till she was a little past six months and I’m glad we waited. I can tell she’s ready. We do a mix of baby led weaning and purees.

For me, for now these are some of the things we do. I’ve always thought that one of my best qualities was being flexible. I’d like to think that I am the same way with E–if something doesn’t work then we can change. I can tell she’s happy and healthy, though I’d love it if she’d chunk up a bit more.

But, I will always be the parent that takes a ridiculous amount of pictures. I can’t help that, sorry kid.