Everyday I think I need to sit down and type something, but then people are over or something comes up and takes my attention away from the computer…

In the middle of last week it was a bird.

We have an Italian Greyhound and a doggie door for her…for some reason she’ll go in and out when the flap is propped open, but not when its closed. Most of the summer it was closed … we’re close to the water/marsh and well, just generally have a few bugs flying around. (and a new non-flying ones unfortunately).

Anywhoo…unknown to me a small bird — something like a sparrow — must have flew in through the doggie door.  I had heard some rustling noises, but didn’t think much of them….till I came out of the bathroom and a bird when whizzing by down the hallway.

I’m not what you’d call a go-getter with insects and things that fly.  Generally its what I consider Scott territory when he’s home. That day he was at work. So, I opened the back door closed a few others and hoped for the best as I peered around corners.

He/She flew around the office and in E’s room a bit before exiting the back door.

Who knows how long it’d been in the house. I’m glad it explains the bird poop on our sheets in our bedroom…I’d found it prior to knowing there was a bird in the house and was wondering…at least it was on Scott’s side of the bed, ha ha!

And that’s our kind of excitement. Fun stuff…