Eliza you are 8 months old!

Well, ok, you were seven months in these pics, but hey…go with the flow right?

I can’t believe all the crazy stuff you’re doing these days!

You are so so so curious about the world.

Physically you aren’t crawling yet, but are standing with support and just started scooting backwards when you’re sitting. Sitting up is no big deal and you prefer to sit or stand while you play. You go from sitting to on your tummy easily and generally roll/scoot on your back and/or tummy to get where you want to go.

Socially you’re all about people and like to be in the same room or near us. Out in the world you’re quite the observer — people have to work for those smiles of yours! But, once you get comfortable look out 🙂

You LOVE it when we imitate your sounds and sometimes you’ll yell or make a sound to see where we are when you can’t see us. We call it your sonar 🙂

Diaper changes are not so fun since you love to roll on your stomach now..you cry and fuss when we make you lay down or roll back over. You are also sleeping on your stomach now and moving around in your crib — who knows what position you’ll be in tonight.

Eliza — the day you turned the pages of one of your board books was a day I jumped up and down! I consider that a wonderful milestone just like any other…we love to read together before nap times.

We’re working on self-feeding and you’ll pick things up but they don’t always make it to your mouth. You’ve been eating more table foods with some purees and you LOVE plain yogurt with fruit. We’ve started a sippy cup sorta, but I’m not to worried about it.

The biggest issue according to some? Your weight. Our first ped officially recommended formula supplementation at seven months and sent us to a nutrionist. He clearly wasn’t listening to us and it really wasn’t a good fit. So, we switched doctors. We met with the nutrionist and much of what she said we already knew. We’ll see if we go back or not. At our last weigh check you were 15.12 oz. Our new ped seems a bit more receptive to our thoughts, we’ll see how it goes. She at least looked you up on the WHO charts. You ARE gaining weight. I think maybe you take after me when I was little. To be safe I talked with a lactation consultant and another nurse who both said you’re fine. That eased my mind…but I worry. Its my job I suppose. I do know you’re happy, developing — just gaining weight slowly. So, I’m looking for ways to boost your caloric intake with our solids and we’ll keep on with nursing.

We love you so much and can’t wait to see what you’ll get up to next 🙂