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I know, right Eliza?  I had the same thought when I realized you were NINE months old!

We talked today about scheduling your twelve month well check…WHERE did the time GO?!?!?!  I know we have a few more months, but it’ll be here sooner rather than later…

What’re you up to?

Well, you celebrated your first Christmas surrounded by family and friends…you are such a lucky girl to be so loved…you received wonderful gifts, but moreso you were loved on whenever you were awake.  You are such a joy.

Just before we traveled back to the midwest you started movin’ around.  At first you started scooting around while you were sitting up on our hardwood floors…but it didn’t take long before you were pulling yourself around using your arms while you were on your tummy.  Now I’ve seen you on your knees a few times, but you’re pretty content to roll/army crawl where you like to go.

Just within the past two weeks while we were gone you’ve started self-feeding. Its like a light has gone on and you love to pick up pieces of food and put them in your mouth…chicken, fruit, steamed veggies..generally some of whatever we’re eating. In the mornings you have yogurt/fruit or oatmeal/fruit…you’re still eating some pureed foods here and there, but I can tell it won’t be long till you’ll only want table foods which is fine by me!  I haven’t given you much that you don’t like…if you can feed it to yourself you’ll do it…now I need to be more adventerous and branch out a bit.

Eliza, you do need some time to warm up to people you aren’t sure of or haven’t seen in awhile. And…there’s a little seperation anxiety going on too.. But, once you warm up to others you’re ready to entertain/be entertained by them.  There were some times while we were gone that even when your dad was holding you you were reaching for me. I’d never seen that before and although it was challenging I secretly kinda loved it.

You love your toys — musical and otherwise.  However, you have been loving the remote, power cords, cell phones…all things you shouldn’t have 😉 Your uncle said that for you everything can be improved by shaking or hitting and its so true. Everything must get shaken or hit on something else. Well….or dropped from your high chair 🙂

You are so serious at times, but I love love love it when I make you laugh.  I don’t hear you do it all that often or for others really, but a good tickle usually gets you giggling. You’re clapping and I think you’ve starting giving me slobbery kisses. Those make me melt.

You are imitating more sounds and babbling up a storm.  I need to record more so we have something to remember.

Eliza, this afternoon at our nine month visit (in the dark since the power was cutting in and out at the hospital) we were told that you’ll only need to go back at twelve months..no more weight checks! You gained a little over a pound in the last month to reach seventeen pounds along with measuring just over 28 inches. You aren’t a chunky monkey, but you’re doing you’re own thing. Way to go E. I’m glad we’ve stuck it out with breastfeeding and I’m really glad your dad and I followed what we thought was right. We knew you and we trusted in that…I hope we continue each day forward.

I can’t believe its been nine months and yet I can’t imagine life without you anymore…we do so much together these days. This month has been one of the easiest, but I can tell a toddler is coming…with tantrums and energy galore. Some days the looks you give or how you act show me what’s on the horizon and yet others I can’t imagine you bigger than you are now.

I love you smiles. These days are such a gift.