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Hi! I’m Becky!

Just a bit about me…

Right now I’m a stay-at-home mom (former speech/language pathologist) for a nine month old baby girl. She’s getting into more stuff everyday, but something’s always going on between her or our dog!  She’s our first and we can’t imagine life without her!

This was her most recent escapade. We’d taken out the doggie door when we left for Christmas and hadn’t put it back in yet.  It was propped against the wall. I promise I wasn’t far away, but I’m not sure how she managed it. I love her face…uh oh. Yeah, I am that mom who takes a picture before rescuing her…but I can’t help it. I had to show my husband later in the day…and maybe her future boyfriend 😉

This is her last weekend:

For the most part she’s an easygoing little one, though she has her moments! Occasionally she sleeps through the night — when she does I’m thrilled!  She’s changing everyday and I love that I can be at home with her for now.

My husband is active duty Army.  He flies Chinook helicopters. I hear its like flying a bus. I have gotten to ride in one and it was amazing!  A couple from our last family day

Love those two!

Currently we’re in Savannah, GA…who knows how long we’ll be here.  Scott is seriously thinking about getting out sooner rather than later so we’ll see how that goes.

Nice to “meet” you! And, thank you for your service!