These moments are passing me by….some things I don’t want to forget…

~Now that she’s crawling I (mostly) love it when she comes and finds me in the kitchen from the living room…to see her head peek around the corner and that smile — its so cute! (until she heads towards the dog’s food/water…)

~How she’s perfecting the art of the sippy cup. Bam, just like that she’s figuring it out. Amazing how all of a sudden you see a skill they couldn’t do before!

~Her first time on a swing at a park…it was a bit big, but she loved it.

~Meli not freaking out when we left the house earlier this week…the dog has separation anxiety, so any easy time getting out with E and the diaper bag is a success in my book 😉

~Scott lovin’ on E all he can while he’s here…he hasn’t seen much of her this week b/c of work. When he did get to spend some time with E I could just feel the love he has for her.

~E working on pulling to stand by herself…not there yet, but its coming.

Just a few things on my mind this week that I don’t want to forget!