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Joining in a link up today with Brittany and Jess for Messy Mom Monday.

There’s ALWAYS something to pick up/put away around here.  This year I’m working on getting rid of more and/or organizing better, but then there are the day to day messes…

Part of our living room.  Toys are everywhere and I guess Scott just drops his clothes where he likes. Nice.

Laundry room. I do have laundry baskets, but more often than not kitchen towels and whatnot ends up right in front of the washer. It all gets done..eventually!

And this. the piece de resistance…the closet.

yeeeah. I keep SAYING I’m gonna sort all those socks, but…. and apparently Scott’s uniforms live on the floor — I’ve put them away before, but apparently I don’t put matching tops/bottoms together (hey, come on they’re all the same print…). So, guess I gave up. And, I’m working on getting rid of clothes so things are…everywhere.

Blah. Makes me want a maid. I do stay home, but there is not enough naptime in the world to conquer all this..well, that and I’d rather shower…

Happy Messy Monday!