Just about ten months ago I became a parent. It still doesn’t feel real some days…this whole I have to be in charge of a little one and make the best decisions for her part. Raising a little girl in these days scares me. I don’t want to screw it up — there are so many pressures that weren’t present when I was little even…I want her to be a happy, secure and confident person.

Over the past week some articles have been passed around the internet. I’m also sharing them here because they’ve all spoke to me in one fashion or another. Reminding me to be easy on myself and take it day by day.

This one is about trusting your instincts and letting our little ones teach us. I always found in s/l therapy while it was important to work on our goals backing off a bit and letting the session be more child-centric can do wonders. Its a must read.

This one is about mothering one child. Its hard growing into this role I think. I had no idea what to expect and I’m still learning every day.

And this one about the tunnel of parenthood gives me a little hope šŸ™‚ Though I wonder how easy it’ll be come highschool….

Some days its hard. I remember when I just had to worry about me, now I’ve got to teach E how to be kind, confident and to stand up for herself. It can be difficult to do that for me, let alone be a good role model for Eliza. She deserves it though.

Those wet slimy kisses and giggles tell me we’re doing just fine today. And tomorrow is coming, but we’ll worry about it when it comes.