This week has just been a long one. Scott hasn’t helped me as much and I feel like messes are everywhere. Lil’ miss is succeeding at her mission to get into anything she can so stuff is scattered everywhere. I’ve got a headache and just am all blah today. So, I need to remind myself of what good has happened this week 🙂

~Eliza has been working on pulling to stand and now is decent at pulling up to her knees.  She ten gets one foot under her, but can’t quite get the other. She tries to pull on everything…probably would try on the dog if Meli would stay around long enough.

~She’s also becoming more interactive in her play with us. She initiated peek-a-boo yesterday. She’s started “sharing” lately…you know holding an object or her hand out to us to pretend to eat/take. Makes her giggle like no other…

~Speaking of giggling. She was playing with an empty box yesterday and everytime I said box she burst into a fit of giggles. love baby giggles…they just put me in a better mood.

And…that’s all I’ve got. Now, time to find something to clean…not hard around here today.

Happy Weekend!