I just received word that my grandpa passed away.

I’d just heard last night that he was going to be placed on hospice care. His decline happened sooner than anyone thought. My dad and uncle were with him though, which was good.

Its so hard. So hard to imagine him not in our lives. So hard when he’s in so many good memories. Its just so hard to say good-bye.

And it makes me scared to walk this walk with my parents. I just…can’t imagine.

Times like these I wish we were closer. I hope we saw him enough over Christmas, I hope Eliza got to spend some quality time with him — she won’t remember, but we will. I hope he knew/knows how much he was/is loved.

So, today and tomorrow and all the days to come I’ll think of all those good memories of him. Family dinners, his love of ice cream, summer vacations, holidays, his propensity to take pictures while everyone was eating…

Love you grandpa. Say hi to grandma and you will be missed much.