At the end of last month Eliza turned ten months old. I seriously cannot believe we’re closing in on a year. WOW.

I’m getting closer to having a toddler and not a baby..so.not.ready.

What have you been doing during your ninth month ‘lil E?

Well, a LOT of this:

Yep. You were working on pulling to stand. You weren’t quite ready to do it on your own, but loved being put in a standing position. You would stand at the windowsill, table, or any surface and bang on it with your hand or toy.

You also learned to sit up from your tummy and sit down when you were standing.  We officially lowered your crib when you started to pull up. For you, your crib is the last place you perfect your skills. You were rolling, sitting and pulling up on the floor long before you ever did it in your crib.

What else?

You started your love affair with swinging — you love being outside! Meli received a lot more attention this past month…she’s deciding more and more to head the other way when she sees you coming…

Eliza, I don’t know what happened over Christmas but when we got back you insisted on feeding yourself. I’m lucky if I get some yogurt in you at breakfast some days. If we try to help you, you put your hands over your mouth and then push our hands away. So, its been all finger foods the past month and honestly, its a lot of fun (but messy!). You eat what we do within reason. Some things you like and some you don’t…any form of broccoli, pasta or cheese will get snarfed down, but forget about blueberries, peaches or beans. I keep offering a variety of foods, whether you’ve refused them or not. You’re picky, but at the same time you’re not…you’ll eat some of what’s on your tray at every meal but some things you just won’t (carrots come to mind).

Since you’ve been eating so well we’re done with weight checks! Let’s hope you’re doing well at your 12 month visit…how could you not be with all you eat?!

This month you also mastered the sippy straw cup and have no issues with water or breastmilk. Its been an easy adjustment for you. You’re still nursing, but less than before…and rarely at night! Eliza, you also started sleeping through the night for 10-11 hours at a time! Now, not every night…some are a little rough. But, when you do you’re constantly moving.  I wish I could get a picture, but waking you up isn’t worth it…you sleep on your side, back and tummy with your bottom in the air. Super cute.

You play with all of your toys. Knocking over block towers or unstacking your rings are a favorite. You also love taking your puzzle pieces out of their spots. There’s also a fascination with empty bottles, Meli’s toys, Meli’s water/food bowls and all sorts of other things we’d rather you not play with…when you head into the kitchen I can bet that you’ll head right to Meli’s bowl and play in her water.

Speaking of moving…you’re moving faster on your tummy and do get on your hands and knees some. But..you’ve mastered the art of pulling yourself around with your hands…I’m not sure if you’ll crawl on hands and knees or not.

You’ve continued to jabber up a storm and I can tell your imitations are sounding more like real words, but no first words here yet. That’s ok, I can wait…but if you say dada one more time when I say mama…funny girl, hmmm?

I take more pictures and video of you I can count. (poor second child if there is one!). I know I’ll forget things. While we were gone for Christmas I held a newborn (which you did not like) and he felt so light. Its so easy to forget things like that, but I won’t forget how much you’ve brought to our lives and what a joy you are. love you always!