Spring in Georgia is awesome.

Well, sort of. There are lots of great things about it — planting a garden/flowers, warming up for pool time, etc.

There’s just one thing that I can’t stand about living around here: bugs.

Honestly, its been warm enough this year so that we’ve got something year round. Things do die down during winter though … but now? the fun is just beginning.

The sand gnats come out first and are pesky little things, then the mosquitoes, next the deerflies — which are no fun unless one likes being swarmed while outside. The deerflies really only last a month or so, thank goodness.

But, whatever. Those I can deal with. The ones I can’t? roaches I hate to even say that word. They are enormous, they are fast and they are unpleasent.

We have a bug guy/guys. They come out and spray every few months, but inevitably some do end up in the house. I don’t like squishing them, but really I don’t even like to pick them up when they’re dead. Ugh. Usually Scott gets them, although I have taken care of some.

Now that E is on the move? I love them even less. What if she picks one up? Ew ew ew. She may need more calories, but that is just.to.much for me.

I’ve gotten better at not screaming when I see one — I don’t want to teach her to freak out, but this summer is going to be more practice for me … next spring/summer Scott won’t be here. He’ll be deployed — not much he can do from across the ocean. So, I’m gonna have to suck it up.

Just another skill to add to the repetoire. right? yeah, I got this.