Before I had E I thought I’d be a mother that wouldn’t have any problems leaving her child. If I went back to work? fine. Shopping? awesome. Babysitter? sure.

That turned out to…not be the case. Oh, I have no issues leaving her with family. And I love to get out and do things without her. Which rarely happens these days. Being in the military we aren’t that close to home. My excitement usually consists of going to the grocery store by myself.

I’ve been wanting to join the local Y for awhile now. They have free childcare about which I’d heard good things. But, for awhile I just didn’t do it. I just dragged my feet. Hello first time mom anxiety.

Finally, this weekend we signed up. This was the second tour of the facility I’d had (hey, hey, sometimes it takes me awhile..). This morning I took her in, handed her over and walked out to the gym. I worked out for about thirty minutes and then went back in to get her.

She was fine. Didn’t fuss at all and was playing with a toy .. she did whine a bit when she saw me, but that was all.

One successful day. I am such a wimp for not taking her earlier. I think its good for her and me. We’ll see how she does the next few times, but she totally proved me wrong today.