I’ve skipped a few months around here, but Eliza you are thirteen months old. I need to keep jotting down some notes so I remember what you’re up these days!

Well, you’re still getting over your first cold/ear infection. Fun stuff (not so much).

The beginning of this month (may 5th) you took your first steps!  We’d been trying to get you to do it for awhile, but you just decided to try it out in your own time. You’ve done it a few times since, but mostly when we try and get you to walk you laugh at us. Its a start though!

You are learning more signs and have a few words I think. You know the signs for more, eat, baby (a new one), milk. Words could include: all done, out (for outside), dad/a and mama. I don’t hear them all on a consistent basis, which makes me wonder, but you are a chatter box sometimes. I love to listen to you as you play with your toys.

Eliza, you play all the time … with toys and non-toys. I love to see you hold items up to your ear like you’re talking on the telephone. Or, pulling things out of kitchen cabinets. Or banging two balls together and dropping them. You also love your new water table and slide…you are turning into quite the climber!

We put you in the pool for the first time this year this month. You’re pretty content to hang out in your floaty and play with some toys. Considering how much you love to be outside (you try to open the back door) we’ll be swimming a lot this summer!

If anyone says the word outside you get sooo excited. I think you’d spend all day out there if you could.

You don’t watch a lot of tv, no real need for it, but baby signing time does help me get dinner ready on your clingier days. It doesn’t hold your attention for long, but enough for me to get a few things done. You’re good about playing independently when someone’s in the same room as you, but if we’re not you’re often coming to see what we’re doing.

Lots of love little one — can’t wait to see you grow and grow!