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Scott’s been gone for awhile now — some training mission … who knows doing what exactly, but the idea is to prepare for upcoming deployment.

So E and I are hanging out here and lately with tropical storm Beyrl. Not so much fun when we can’t go outside. But, we haven’t lost power (except for a half hour or so friday night) and it hasn’t been quite as bad here as they thought.

E’s doing a few new things — more talking and loving her push toy these days. I think she’ll be fine when he comes home — he shouldn’t be gone all that long considering. But, its the significant chunk of time he’ll be gone later this year that worries me. He’ll miss Christmas, her birthday … about a year of her life. I hope she adjusts ok when he does come back. We’ll skype when we can I’m sure, email … all that good stuff. But gone is gone, you know? Its just part of our life these days … I don’t even know exactly when he’ll be home from this trip. I still can’t help but worry…

On the flip side this TDY (temporary duty station) has given me much confidence. The house isn’t perfectly clean, but I’m getting things done and E and I are doing well. We can rock this upcoming deployment. I’ve got a few things on a list that we don’t usually do — and we’re accomplishing some. We’ve had a few rough days, but mostly I’m crossing off successful days off our list and that makes me happy. Awesomeness.

Plus? Its amazing how much less laundry there is.

Seriously though..its all in the attitude and I’m trying to look at this time as time for me to take care of us, have some fun plus get some things done. Though I’m so thankful for naptimes 😉