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This summer has been so busy … we’ve had family/friends visiting left and right, Scott’s been in and out and Eliza has been keeping us busy.

I can’t believe she’s almost 16 months!  She’s such a toddler right now. Just to jot some things down for me to remember….

~She took her first steps @ 13 months and became a full time walker about the beginning of July @ 15 months.

~Just yesterday she started imitating Scott as he pretends to sneeze, but she’s only gotten so far as ah, ah, ah and leaves out choo!

~Her signs have continued to increase. Her vocabulary includes: car, more, eat, all done (just this past weekend), up, down, dog, thank you (mostly imitates or signs when we say the word), hat,baby, book,milk, shoes…and some more I’m forgetting. She’s also just starting to learn train, butterfly and bird. Her signs aren’t perfect — she taps her chest for dog instead of her leg, but they work for her and us.

~Her words are coming along, just more slowly. Over the weekend I think I heard ‘yes’ and ‘this’ (dis) repeatedly to add to mama/mom, dad and all done for sure … possibly duck and dog — but I haven’t heard those in awhile.

~She’s building more with her blocks and stacks them easily. Loves coloring (and pretending to eat) crayons, becoming more interested in stuffed animals and loves it when we pretend to drink out of plastic cups/eat pretend food.

~We’ve started with some temper tantrums the past week — though right now they’re shorter-lived and we can usually distract/re-direct her. She’s big into holding objects in each hand and most tantrums are related to taking away items she finds or that belong in her crib.

~Just before turning 15 months she started to become more attached to some animals in her crib — specifically a bear with a pull string that plays music. She’ll hand it to me to start and then she’ll lay her head down on it and go to sleep.

~Climbing continues to be a favorite activity — in and out of chairs, a stepstool (ack, made me nervous even though I was right there!) and over pillows on the couch/floor/bed.

~She finally has her bottom molars after a few weeks of them pushing through. She didn’t complain to much, but you could tell they were somewhat uncomfortable.

~Eliza has upped her eating intake and has been eating things she previously refused: grapes, peas, potatoes (other than sweet potatoes), some chicken on occasion, beans, cantelope. Right now she’s loving watermelon like its going out of style.

I’m sure there are more noteable things I’m missing. Each day seems to pass in a blink of an eye and small changes can be hard to see …. but when I sit down for a moment and recall she continues to grow and change in leaps and bounds. how amazing. I love this age so far as she discovers so much!