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I don’t know where the days are going…how are you seventeen months already?

I’m guessing you’re a typical toddler…stubborn, insistent and full of opinions, but also sweet, caring and cuddly.

I love your curiosity..I do. Seeing you explore and accomplish new things…all kinds of awesome. But, climbing out the dog door? Not high on my list, especially since I wasn’t in the room when you did it. You are fast, my friend. And all I thought you were doing was opening/closing it…until it was quiet. Uh oh indeed. Luckily, everyone was fine…I needed a few minutes though.

And screaming when I put you to bed? No fun. You stop as soon as I’m out of the room, but its like the very act of putting you in bed is so so so wrong … I hope this leaves as fast as it came. Usually you have no complaints about bed/nap time.

What else are you doing these days to keep me on my toes?

~more signs/consistent signs: bug, stop, horse, rain,

~fascinated with body parts: eyes, mouth, nose especially.

~following more directions (when you’re motivated): go get your shoes, time to brush your teeth, etc.

~more verbal imitation: gotcha (otcha/dotcha), brush (ush),

~walking backwards a few steps at a time.

~love being outside. you love it when we chase and catch you πŸ˜‰

~in the last month I think you finally weighed in at 20+ pounds πŸ™‚

~started to help clean up your toys and will put that some things that you pull out, but usually there’s a trail behind you.


I’m sure there’s more. You’re changing all the time. I had to jot something down so I can write it down for real one of these days.

Love your hugs, love your laugh, love you inside and out.